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Overview of Material Department

Business background

@In recent years, endovascular treatment utilizing medical devices, such as guide wires, catheters, and stents is rapidly spreading in the treatment of cancer and circulatory diseases. On the other hand, clinicians are strongly urging the expansion of the application scope and improvement of the maneuverability and safety of these medical devices.

Business overview

@This department manufactures and distributes medical devices and medical metal core materials based on the research outcomes of new type of minimally invasive medical devices from Yamauchi Laboratory at Tohoku University Biological Engineering Research Organization.


@@Novel Ni-Ti Alloy for Vascular Stents(Show details)
@@Ni-Ti hyperelastic alloy tube


Co-Cr alloy tube catalogue for stents
Research summary, Yamauchi Laboratory, Tohoku University Biomedical Engineering Research Organization iPDFF116Kj
Poster presentation, Yamauchi Laboratory ipdfF3.2MBj