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CRAS-3.0 (Cell Respiration Assay System)

The Cell Respiratory Activity Assay System CRAS-3.0 is a fine assay system that utilizes an electrochemical measurement technology. While keeping all the features of the conventional CRAS-1.0, it enabled a faster, easier, and more accurate measurement through automation and simplification of the operating system.

→About Cell Respiratory Activity Assay System (CRAS)

Automated Positioning

Through automated positioning of the microprobe which had been done manually in the conventional model, every user can perform a high-speed measurement within 15 minute per time. By measuring respiratory activities of the sample more efficiently, CRAS-3.0 has made it possible to proceed a series of flow from the embryo culture to embryo selection/transplantation without delay.

Simplified Operation

In CRAS-3.0, all operations are performed on PC. Its high-performance camera allows the user to easily and precisely control the position of the embryos and microprobe in real time with a minimum of 1μm unit precision by just a click of a button. Furthermore, since all movement distances are confirmed by numerical values, more accurate and highly reproducible measurements can be achieved.



CME-0002 Microprobe

CMP-0001 Measurement Plate

CRE-0001 Reference Electrode

This product is made for research purposes and not intended for use in vitro diagnosis or for clinical purposes.
Please note that its specifications may be changed for upgrading without notice.
Please contact us if you have any questions or requests for pricing and test machine rentals etc.